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Sausages with cheese

"Childhood taste" of juicy sausages with cheese evokes the warmest memories. Sausages with cheese, as well as milk sausages are produced of pork and beef of the highest grades with addition of aromatic spices. Light and soft smell of fuming is emphasized by the taste of melted cheese of the best quality.

Sausages „Premium”

Luxury product for those who remained faithful to childhood habits, but moved to a new level of food consumption. Secret of the privileged delicacy of these sausages is simple – addition of butter to a traditional recipe.

Sausages „Vînătoreşti”

Being almost an icon of production, hunter sausages were invented in 1928 in Poland. Composition of sausages includes a delicious beef, high-quality pork and selected speck.

Small sausages "Ostrava "

Czech Republic is the birthplace of these gourmet, delicious sausages. According to medieval recipes, sausages are made of juicy slices of the soft pork neck. In the process of cooking, they are seasoned generously with spices.

Sausages "Lacta"

The most delicate, homemade and habitual milk sausages either boiled, fried or even uncooked were, are and will be an integral part of the diet of any person, as well as one of the most favorite dishes for a child.

Small sausages "De Bavaria"

At home, in Germany, Bavarian sausages – the pride of German butchers – bear unusual name – “the white sausage”. Delicate, delicious sausages are produced of the mixture of chopped beef and pork meat.

Frankfurter sausages Pegas

150 years ago, the owner of one small restaurant in Munich has found that there is no more salami. However, the enterprising German was not at loss. He stuffed fresh bovine casings with ready forcemeat of selected meat grades and cooked them quickly in salted water. We owe to anonymous restaurateur of the last century for these delicious sausages. Frankfurters “Pegas” in a natural casing filled with tender forcemeat of high quality beef and pork seasoned with traditional aromatic spices are the crown sausage production in fact.