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"Moscow "

Being the best one of Russian sausages and the premium-class product, the "Moscow" sausage is noted for noble composition and unsurpassed taste. The best grades of beef, pork fat of unrivaled quality and, above all, uncompromising quality standards are the main features of "Moscow" sausage.

"Moscow" Summer sausage

Cooked and smoked sausage "Moscow" is produced of the prime beef and selected pork speck. When sausage is cut, there is beautiful pattern with rich shades of Burgundy. Sausage is smoked using natural sawdust only providing it with subtle, warm aroma, complemented by notes of nutmeg and juicy touches of black pepper.


It is one of the most popular Italian sausages. It is made of special lean pork, shoulder with addition of brisket. Black pepper, garlic and white wine are added as spices. Its size is the main distinctive feature. Due to the large diameter, "Milano" is aged for 6 months in a special chamber complying with temperature and humidity regime, which makes it matured, rich in taste and high-end product.


The recipe of the „Preferat” sausage exists for more than one hundred years. Once, the lucky butcher from the Russian city of Uglich has invented an original combination of flavors of prime beef, tender pork and small cubes of pork bacon seasoned by the set of spices. Since then, a tasty slice of the „Preferat” sausage placed on a fresh bread was and is until now a real delicacy.


The “Lunchmeat” sausage owes its name to a combination of lightness inherent to breakfast and satiety enriching any dinner. Thus, perfect sausage for lunch namely is produced. The “Lunchmeat” sausage is popular due to its versatility and softness in shades of a taste.


This cooked sausage was called „Lacta” because of unusual culinary decision - lots of milk included in its composition. Like the “Doctor” sausage similar by tenderness and juiciness, the „Lacta” sausage is made of beef and pork.

"De Cracovia"

Since the XVI century, the Cracow sausage was produced in Krakow only. Today, its famous taste is beloved around the world. In culinary of various countries, the Cracow sausage is known as delicatessen cold cuts with tenderness and richness having no equal ones.


This wonderful semi-smoked sausage is made of prime beef, soft pork and pieces of tender pork fat in combination, which ensures a bright and refined taste. Secret of the “Codru” sausage palatability harmony and its rich flavor is in the savory spices and juicy meat.


The unmatched semi-smoked sausage "Kaizer" from the Pegas Company owes its taste and delicate aroma to combination of the prime beef and hard classic cheeses. It is aromatic cheese and fragrant spices that make it so unique, while its taste - so saturated.


The hard-smoked sausage “Mozaic” has a delicate taste and refined aroma. Smart, original pattern on the cut is a distinctive feature of the “Mozaic” sausage. Spices with tone set by the fragrant mustard emphasize harmonious taste of beef and pork belly.