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"De Drogobici"

This sausage of ham type delights not only from the gustatory point of view, but also from the aesthetic one. Sausage owes its beauty to bright combination of pink pork pieces and reddish beef. Its stunning smell is due to successful combination of spicy flavors.

"De сasa"

Many people, of course, have their own proven recipe for homemade sausage produced even by grandmothers and great-grandmothers. If one will select the best among traditional nuances and recreate them using modern knowledge and technology, then he/she will obtain the semi-smoked sausage "De сasa” from the Pegas Company.


"Deosebit" – is a semi-smoked sausage with composition including pork and beef meat. Only natural spices are used in its production, which participate in maturation of the forcemeat for 24 hours.

"De vita"

The "De vita" sausage is an excellent example of the pure product. Flavorful, tender and juicy sausage was made of meat of single grade, which is very unusual case for sausages. Thoroughly minced prime beef has wonderful taste, while richness of flavor is achieved due to the hints of ginger and nutmeg.

"De Gheottinger"

This delicately cooked sausage is made of selected grades of beef and pork meat. Heinrich Heine personally wrote: "The Goettingen City is known for its sausage and the University." Professional German technologists developed its composition.

Dry-cured beef "Bresaola"

Bresaola – is jerked beef made of the beef round of the free-range animals. Beef is soaked for 10 days in a mixture of forest herbs and red wine providing it with subtle, pleasant aroma.


For production of "Bastardo” salami large pieces of pork shoulder and lean brisket of young castrated male pigs are used, and, therefore, meat is tender and balanced in vitamins and minerals.

Sausages with cheese

"Childhood taste" of juicy sausages with cheese evokes the warmest memories. Sausages with cheese, as well as milk sausages are produced of pork and beef of the highest grades with addition of aromatic spices. Light and soft smell of fuming is emphasized by the taste of melted cheese of the best quality.

Sausages „Premium”

Luxury product for those who remained faithful to childhood habits, but moved to a new level of food consumption. Secret of the privileged delicacy of these sausages is simple – addition of butter to a traditional recipe.

Sausages „Vînătoreşti”

Being almost an icon of production, hunter sausages were invented in 1928 in Poland. Composition of sausages includes a delicious beef, high-quality pork and selected speck.